A Home Energy Company That Invests In You



On the surface, it’s a promise that seems too good to be true. But that simple idea represented a paradigm shift for energy suppliers, building contractors and homeowners with the potential to slow the pace of climate change and reduce costs through understanding. All this led to a straightforward strategy – simplify home energy.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design and Development
  • App Design

Home energy management can be confusing frustrating, and complicated for the average family. Sealed Homes strove to help consumers better understand how they use power. But change is never easily embraced, so Sealed turned to the Wasabi Rabbit team to accelerate their business and brand.

Straightfoward Strategy

We dove in with the Founder to cut away all of the needless complexities in how energy efficiency is marketed. With a simple value proposition and a frank purchasing process paramount, we created a brand and web presence that did justice to this big vision without being ponderous.

Intelligible Impact

The goal for the corporate website is to design and develop a robust, scalable data architecture that provides an engaging experience for customers and distributors. This architecture will serve as the foundation for future expansion of product categories and product lines.

"Wasabi Rabbit has been a huge help in refining our model and our message. The sheer simplicity of the brand has empowered us to compete in an equally complex market.”

-Andy Frank, Founder & President, Sealed