Transforming a Bedding Component manufacturer into an industry leading consumer brand

Pure Latex Bliss

Latex International is one of only two Talalay Latex Foam manufacturers in the world. The material is widely recognized as the preferred component for luxury mattresses made by top bedding producers. However, price competition was causing the company’s traditional partners to utilize less Talalay latex, threatening their business model.

Latex International turned to Wasabi Rabbit to develop a viable consumer brand that could compete at premium price points in order to build the broader category and provide new, higher margin revenue streams.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design and Development
  • Video Production

A Bold Strategy

In a strategic move, Latex International moved to develop their own industry leading consumer brand to provide the leadership necessary to restore the latex bedding category and drive greater use of their core technology by other bedding brands. This course of action also provided Latex International with a dilemma: How to maintain their traditional B2B business while competing against their own customers for retail placement.

A Creative Campaign

Wasabi Rabbit developed simple yet evocative language that rose above the din in a fragmented and confusing business.

A comprehensive campaign featuring innovative sales training, elegant retail displays, video and photography, an e-commerce presence and dramatically re-imagined event spaces, elevated retail sales from 2MM to 20MM in just two years, a pace well above the industry average.