Creating a Transformative Brand


For 30 years, Marketwire made its name as a leading innovator in news and content distribution in the wire distribution industry. They were the first to the market with on-line press release distribution, embedding video within press releases and social media distribution of press releases. Innovation was always at the core of their business.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Customer Research
  • Brand Identity
  • Web Development
  • Video Production
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Marketing
  • Targeting & Segmentation

A Visionary Strategy

As their technology advanced, Marketwire needed to expand their brand identity to encompass the company’s new offerings in social media intelligence and analytics and speak to the broader base of potential new customers they could serve.

Wasabi Rabbit analyzed the communications marketplace and developed a refreshed brand positioning, including a name change to Marketwired. This name change reflected the continuing evolution of the company, allowing them to maintain their hard-earned brand equity while emphatically stating they were not the wire service of the past.

Accompanying the name change, a new logo and tagline “The Power of Influence” expressed the company’s vision of itself as a force that shapes the market and drives client success.

Transformative Branding

Marketwired’s new brand identity came to life with a transformative internal and external branding program making innovation the core of the company’s culture and the key to future brand value.