Giving voice to a scientific game changer


As a pioneering technology commercialization business, Emergent was changing the world by shepherding breakthrough technologies into the market. With 19 companies and valued at over $500 million they had already proven the viability of their unique business development model.

  • Messaging
  • Brand Identity System
  • Web Development

An Introspective Strategy

But Emergent was largely misunderstood outside their corporate structure. As part VC fund, part research lab and part accelerator, even their own leadership found it difficult to succinctly explain their business plan.

Recognizing that a clear brand presence was not only eluding them but hampering their business, Emergent engaged Wasabi Rabbit to close the gap between their vision and their messaging.

Transparent Branding

Developing a new Brand Strategy and Brand Architecture through simple, evocative language increased understanding of Emergent’s distinct technology access model at every touch point, from company literature to its digital presence.