Rising above in a market of splashes and glasses



Restoring the elements of life - water and air - to the pristine state nature intended.

  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design and Development
  • Display Design
  • Print Collateral

Straightforward Strategy

Founded in 2005, DuPure was created to change the way homeowners purchase and maintain water treatment and purification systems. By partnering with new home builders, the company shifted from the industry standard of “door-to-door” sales.

While Dupure’s partnership model with home builders internal sales teams created more opportunities, it also left the company vulnerable to cyclical downturns in new home sales and limited overall brand awareness on the market as a whole.

To refresh their branding and create an all-new online sales channel, Dupure turned to Wasabi Rabbit.

Everything was centered on Dupure’s mission statement of restoring the essential elements of life - clean water and air - to their pristine natural state. From this simple statement, we created evocative images and language that rose above the fray of competitor messaging and confusing jargon, positioning Dupure as a trusted resource for creating clean, healthy home environments.

"The Wasabi Creative Team transformed our brand from boring to beautiful!"

- Natalie Medders, Vice President of Corporate Accounts, Dupure