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Allied Minds

Allied Minds was established to help bring the discoveries of leading scientists and research institutions to market. Internally, this mission was clear, but externally their messaging struggled to succinctly convey the breadth and power of their vision. As a result, they were misunderstood by investors and viewed skeptically by potential research partners.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Web Development
  • Video Production

Sould Searching Strategy

Through our brand development process we delved through the massive amount of technical jargon within Allied Mind’s company literature. Through this process we discovered that the sheer volume of detail was obscuring Allied Minds bigger picture. By identifying recurring key words we were able to distill the complexity of their business model into four simple words: form, fund, manage and build.

Through this concise terminology we built a foundation that would convey the company’s strategy of creating game-changing companies and products.

Breakthrough Branding

Anchored by Allied Mind’s key terminology, we overhauled the company’s brand voice and identity system, stripping away the tech speak to succinctly convey the scope and importance of Allied’s portfolio companies

To support this new direction we also created a series of easily digestible on-line images and videos that immediately captured Allied’s value to both investors and leading scientific researchers and institutions.

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